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Key Steps To Write Any Research Paper

Writing a research paper can be one of the hardest and painful processes that most students would rather avoid. On the other hand, it is a crucial part of the learning process and has a direct influence on your final grade. Mastering this art is proven to go a long way into shaping one’s future career and academic endeavor and is therefore mandatory. To help you sail through the various struggles in writing a research paper, here are some important steps to help you compile one fast.

Choose a specific topic

Normally, students are assigned a research topic to write more about but if you have the chance to pick one, do it wisely. Go for specific topics that are challenging and within your interests. This way, you won’t be bored writing the paper but rather excited to research for interesting content. If the topic appears to be rather broad, strive to narrow it down to specific aspects to avoid making your paper look like a general overview.

Compose a working thesis statement

A thesis statement provides your research paper with focus and direction. It works as a guideline for all your investigation around it. To make your working statement smart, you will need to make them concise, direct to the point, and debatable. This way, you will need to use little evidence to convince your readers.

Doing research

This is now where you gather all the flesh and bones for your research paper. In this stage, you need to evaluate and use credible sources of information, whether primary or secondary. Just make sure that all notes conform to the preferred citation style and remember to use its updated version to stay current. To avoid any plagiarism issue, purpose to cite all your sources.

Make and follow a working outline

Paying attention to little things such as the right outline earns you more points. While there are varied versions of research outlines for you to adopt in your project, you should find out from your instructor the correct outline format that they desire. This helps you stay away from trouble, provides you with a clear roadmap, and helps you to focus on writing your paper.

Write your first draft

With everything starting to fall in their place, it is time that you compose your first draft. Normally, this includes a title, an introduction section with body paragraphs, a conclusion section, and a reference page. To write the different sections, use your drafted notes, and include supporting evidence as well as in-text citations wherever possible. 

Revise, Proof edit and proofread the final draft

Now that everything is nicely pieced up together, it’s time that you make large-scale changes on its overall transitioning by reworking its structure and mechanics. In this stage, you should aim to check on how the paper flows while fixing any grammatical and/or plagiarism issues that might arise. You can ask your friends to help you identify some of the mistakes that you might have overlooked. 

Get professional help

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