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How To Write A Reflection Paper

Every student should certainly have a suggestion about a particular issue. Every academic session requires a reflection paper and must be done according to the standard given.

A reflection paper is a kind of work that will need you to express your knowledge and proffer solution to questions in your way. The beautiful thing about reflection paper is that you cannot be incorrect at any answer you give. It is a time to explore your mind and provide the best of your thoughts on questions asked. In other words, your answer will be simple and peculiar to you alone. 

Reflection paper will also allow you to give examples related to your experience. For example, questions like: what is your belief about feminism. This question here doesn't need any other person's influence in what you put down for your readers. It solely depends on your thought, and that is the final say about the question to your readers.

A reflection paper can appear in different ways which are subject to the manner of the write-up.

  • Professional paper: this type of reflection paper has most of its authors in the academic field. They put together answers that are professional and based on education or psychology. All their propositions are fact-based.
  • Educational paper: this type of reflection paper aims at teaching and enlightening others about a topic that has been discussed either in a movie, seminar, colloquium or book. It is quite similar to a review paper.
  • Personal paper: here your idea is needed the most. You are free to pour out your mind as much as you can. This will help you explore your thoughts and give your best to writing creatively.

What are the guidelines for writing a reflection paper?

There are no specific laid down rules to follow in writing a reflection paper. Remember, it is a time to express your thoughts and feelings, so there are no restrictions as to how you should write. Some schools only approve the length of words you should write, but they don't have any limitation to your thought at this moment.

How do you write a reflection paper?

To start your reflection paper, bear in mind that you need to take note of the information related to the topic. Pen down the key points and make sure you do not miss out any idea of the original author. After this, you need to sit down tight and ask yourself basic questions about what you have learnt. Questions like: what changed about me after reading this article? Can these points catch the attention of my readers? 

Think deeply and then come up with your structure and ideas. The first thing in your arrangement should be your persuasive introduction. Your introduction should cover all that you want to write about yet in summary. 

After this step, have a body of the paragraph to support and explain your ideas explicitly.

To cap it all, conclude by giving your readers reasons that summarize your ideas related to your experience about the topic.