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How to Write a Research Paper: 10 Steps 

Writing a research paper is a familiar language for all students especially those in college. The length and intensity of this paper are determined by the course that one is taking. However, even the most basic research paper will demand more attention and resources than other academic papers. There is a lot that goes into writing a quality paper that will earn you the credit you desire. Below is a ten-step guideline on how to write a high-quality research paper:

  1. Understand Your Assignment

It is not possible to get it right with a research paper if you are not familiar with your assignment. Seek to first understand what your teacher is looking for before you even begin. Spend enough time going over the assignment, take notes, and even seek clarifications where necessary.

  1. Choose a Topic

In some cases, the teacher will assign a particular topic. However, if you are required to pick a topic of your choice, then take your time to do so. If you miss it on the topic, the rest of the paper will go wrong.

  1. Do Your Research

Go to reliable sources and get relevant materials for your study. Skimming will help you to know what will be of help in your study. Understand the different viewpoints of your study.

  1. Get Your Research Organized

After gathering all the information you could get, it is time to organize it. Get it into a form that will make it easy for you to fit it into the structure. If your instructor has special preferences then you better follow that.

  1. Form Your Thesis Statement

This is a short sentence that brings your readers to speed about what you are trying to prove. It helps you articulate your argument, opinion, or assertion.

  1. Make an Outline

The way you create your outline will mainly depend on your assignment. If there are specific guidelines given, then be sure to follow them. Otherwise, an outline is just a skeleton of the paper.

  1. Do the Writing

Using the materials you have gathered and following your already set outline, you can now do the actual writing. Avoid being unnecessarily wordy and again do not leave statements hanging. Be clear and precise to keep your reader interested.

  1. Content Editing

This entails checking your wording, structure, organization, and length. It is possible to leave out one or two important words and this may change the meaning of an entire statement. Look out for such errors.

  1. Check Your Grammar

You do not want to lose your reader over grammatical errors. With so many grammar-checking apps available, presenting a paper full of such errors is unforgivable.

  1. Submit Your Paper after Re-reading

Before you hand your paper over to your instructor, confirm if there are special college instructions on how to present it.

Final Remarks

Presenting a low-quality research paper will cost you a good grade and a lot more. Follow the guidelines discussed here and to come up with a top-quality paper.